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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Release Date Updates

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There is no denying that the Galaxy Note series smartphones are some of the hottest phones on the market, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will aim to please. Samsung is continually pushing the envelope with introducing something unique in each new concept as noted in all of the previous Phablet releases. With all the hype surrounding what will inevitably be one of the best upcoming Android smartphones, there is a lot to know on the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 release.

Since the debut of the Phablet, it has truly revolutionized the cell phone industry, and the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be no different. When the debut of what many are calling the most unique and technologically advanced smartphone, consumers are sure to take notice of all that’s within. When looking at the many rumors on the specs, features, concept, price, and release date, all there is to know is disclosed in this in-depth Galaxy Note 6 preview.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors

[AdSense-A]As is the case with each new flagship release, the many rumors begin well before the actual launch. Here on Galaxy Note 6 Update, we continually bring in all there is to know including the latest on the many Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors. Beginning with the direction Samsung is intending, consumers will be delighted to know that this will be one beast of a smartphone.

As Samsung looks to maintain their global ranking as being one of the top tech manufacturers, it’s believed that they will concentrate on their top upcoming flagships. As consumers look to something bigger and better, this all starts with the best Phablet series on the market, the Galaxy Note series. With a bigger screen, faster processor, 3D camera features, and memory options up to 256 MB, there is no wonder why consumers are already starting to take notice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs – Screen, Processor, Display, Camera, Memory, Battery, and More

It all begins with what consumers want to see, and what we need in this mobile era of technology. You can bet that Samsung will be looking to enhance virtually every part of the Phablet 6 including the processor, screen quality, exterior, display, camera features, and more. The many rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs are all detailed below.


It’s rumored that the Galaxy Note 6 screen will be getting a size enhancements. As most would say that bigger is better, current rumors has the screen size increasing to 6 inches, and possibly 6.1 inches. It’s almost certain we’ll see a 4K display with an unheard of over 800 ppi. The visual quality will be like watching TV, browsing the net, and of course surfing YouTube with the best quality home TV system, but right in the palm of your hand.


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Processor

Samsung is likely to use its own octa-core Exynos processor or Qualcomm Snapdragon that will feature four A-57 and four A-53 cores running side by side. The eight core processor will enable the highly regarded 4K display that will surely become the gold standard of all premium Android smartphones in upcoming years. Rumors surrounding the speed of the processor has it clocked at an amazing 2.9GHZ, which is well above anything we have seen before.


The Faux surround that we have come to expect from the Galaxy Note series is likely to be a thing of the past as current leaks suggest the Galaxy Note 6 will be featured with a full metal body. The exterior is also believed to be thinner than both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 which will appeal to consumers who want a larger, but lightweight smartphone. The uni-body design will add to the visual appeal as well as make the phone itself higher quality.


As no surprise, the Note 6 will feature both a front and rear facing camera. What will be a surprise is the amount of megapixels that will be packed into both cameras. Leaks pointing to an amazing 30 MP rear camera, and at least 10 megapixels for the front facing camera.

3D camera features have yet to make its way to flagship smartphones as consumers have been hoping to see, but this is expected to change in the Note 6. Both the front and rear cameras are rumored to be featured in full 3D quality which will add an amazing element to both still photography and video. The highly regarded 3D Galaxy Note 6 cameras will be one of the best features that consumers have been asking for.


We all need memory, especially when considering that a smartphone has become our lifeline to virtually all facets of life itself. With pictures, video, apps, and all other forms of data, the memory options will be getting a huge upgrade.

There will be three internal and expandable memory options that will enable consumers to store almost an unlimited amount of pictures, videos, songs, and everything else imaginable. The Note 6 is expected to feature 16, 32, and 64 GB of memory, and also support two expandable micro SD card slots. Each optional micro SD card can hold up to 128 GB of additional memory which will bring the total available memory to 320 GB.


What good is having all the memory in the world, the fastest processor, and the best display if the battery doesn’t have the juice to support it all? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 battery will as current rumors has an internal battery with at least 4000 mAh. Although not confirmed, we are hearing that Samsung is looking to integrate a huge 4200 mAh battery.

With a rapid charging plus feature and wireless charging, consumer will not only have the juice for almost two full days, but will have the convenience of wireless charging the Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Retina Eye Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 features will compare to any premium flagship that will debut in 2016. All of the typical sensors will be integrated, and it’s believed that Samsung will be looking to expand the compatibility of many other Samsung peripherals. Virtual reality headsets like the Gear VR, Samsung Gear smartwatches, and other Samsung tech devices are expected to integrate seamlessly into the new concept.

[AdSense-A]Expected to be featured in many bundles including a Galaxy Note 6 and Gear VR bundle, which will be one of the best smartphone bundles of 2016. The new Gear VR headset will see many improvements before the expected mid-September Note 6 release. You can also expect to see a bundle with the newest Galaxy Gear watch, but there will also be a standalone Galaxy Gear smartwatch that will have its own data plan.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date – US, China, Japan, Korea, India, UK, and More

Samsung has been pretty predictable with the release schedule with the previous releases in the Note series. This makes it pretty easy to predict when the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date will be. Countries in Asia including China, Japan, and Korea will see the release first which will be mid-September of 201.

Those of us in the US, UK, India, and other larger markets worldwide will have to wait until the end of September to the first week In October. Smaller markets worldwide will have to wait until mid-October, to the end of the month.

One things that’s for sure is that Samsung is looking to start the production early to minimize on launch day backorders. The marketing on the newest Phablet will undeniably be huge, and many consumers have had to wait for weeks due to worldwide backorders. This is not expected to be the case as consumers can start expecting Galaxy Note 6 preorders to start by the first week in September.

You can also expect that all of the top cell carriers worldwide including Sprint, Verizon, Vodafone, T-Mobile, AT&T, and many more will center their marketing on preorders and the official Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price – US, China, Japan, Korea, India, UK, and More

[AdSense-A]Well, one thing that’s for certain is the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 price will be consistent with other high end releases. Some analysts are already speculating that the price will likely top the $1000 price point here in the US, and when looking at the high end specs and features it’s easy to understand why. All countries worldwide including China, Japan, Korea, India, UK, and all others will see a price that will compare to the Galaxy Note 6 US price.

September will be the Debut of the Best Android Smartphone of 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Rumors, Features, Updates

While September 2016 is still a long way away, it will stop analysts and consumers from taking notice of what most are already calling the best Android smartphone of 2016. When looking at the concept of the Phablet and how it has change the entire industry, it’s easy to see why consumers are already anticipating the highly regarded Galaxy Note 6 release.

With so many improvements and what most analysts are already setting up as the only competitor for the Apple iPhone 7, there is no doubt that the stage is already set. We will continually be updating this site will all the top rumors, confirmations, and leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 as this is what we do, and you will see throughout just how we do it.